Christmas Season

Australian Wind and Solar office will be closing for the Festive Season on 

Friday 19th December 2014 

and will reopen on 

Monday 12th January 2015.

We wish all our customers and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Australian Wind and Solar are proud to have won the 


NECA Excellence Award for Energy Efficiency and Environment. 

Thank you to all our tremendous staff who made this momentous occasion possible.

Click below to view a video of our Environmental Message.

Click below to view a video of our NECA Award winning PROJECT.

australian Greens political party
australian Greens political party

Australian Wind and Solar are proud supporters of the Greens Party. We would like to thank Greg Barber MLC, representing Northern Metropolitan Region of Victoria (Upper House) for his continued support in all our Renewable Energy endeavors.

Wind Turbines harness the power of the wind. They continually produce power regardless whether the sun is shining. We are fully qualified to do a site evaluation, design and install a Wind Turbine system to suit your needs.

Solar Power harness the power of the sun to create electricity which can be used in homes and businesses. Farms also use solar power to operate watering pumps. Find out how we can design and install a Solar Power system that suits your needs.
Hybrid Power incorporates both Solar Panels and Wind Turbines to optimize all the available Renewable Energy available. This is more common when designing Off Grid power system or wanting to be self sufficient.

Off Grid is using Renewable Energy options instead of being connected to an Electricity Grid. This system is commonly used where no other forms of electricity is available and usually is a cheaper option than connecting to an electricity grid. With the increasing cost of electricity many are going "Off the Grid".

Check out our range of Ginlong Wind Inverters available in our Online Store. GCI-2G-W single phase series Wind Inverters are the latest products of Ginlong, suitable for different types of household and commercial / industrial single phase input PV system installation. The quality of old model was combined into GCI-2G-W series while many new ideas were created, to meet our vision of manufacturing "innovative" inverter. These Wind Inverters are transformerless, have a Maximum Efficiency of over 96%, they come with RS485, WiFi, GPRS interface and the IP65 is visually pleasing for domestic environment.

Why sell your surplus energy to the grid at a lower price, when you can store it for later use and receive a higher incentive for generating and using your own solar energy?
Australian Wind And Solar Pty. Ltd.