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Australian Wind and Solar are proud Certified Installers of Tesla Powerwall 2. The best solution for all your Powerwall 2 needs.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Installer
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AWSTM is the official range of Renewable Energy products offered by Australian Wind and Solar. All AWS SunMate, AWS Wind Turbines and AWS Off-Grid Wind Controllers products are built to the highest quality, are stringently test in the harshest Australian conditions and meet all Australian standards. An AWS product is one of the highest quality in the world and offer the best value from a reputable Australian company.


AWS HC are the next evolution in Horizontal Wind TurbinesThere are a range of sizes available: 650W, 1.5kW, 1.8kW, 3.3kW, 4.2kW, 5.1kW. AWS Marine Grade Wind Turbines are smaller turbines for boats, caravans and other applications. There are 2 AWS Wind Turbines available: AWS400 (400W) and AWS2000 (1-2kW).


The AWSTM SunMate 2.0 is an innovative renewable energy management product that will use all the surplus power generated by your solar power or wind power to produce hot water. Every unit of power used to heat the hot water in this way reduces imported energy by the same amount resulting in a significant saving in imported energy costs.

The AWSTM 2kW, 3kW & 5kW Wind & Solar Hybrid Controllers transform wind energy into electricity to store to your battery bank. The Wind Controllers are a very important part in an Off-Grid System and its performance and efficiency will greatly improve the life expectancy and operational stability of the whole system, especially the life span of your batteries.

Australian Wind and Solar offer a wide range of Off-Grid systems. Off-Grid systems can utilise Solar Power, Wind Turbines, or a combination of both. Off-Grid systems require and Off-Grid Control System, Generators and Battery Storage. Check out our Popular Packages to see a starting price for a system that is the best solution for all your power needs.


PRAMAC Generators

Australian Wind and Solar are now proud distributors of PRAMAC Generators. We offer a wide range of PRAMAC Generators ranging from 2.9KVA to 3,300KVA and everything in between! Check out our Generators to see a starting price for a system that is the best solution for all your power needs.