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In response to queries raised regarding electricity retails feed in tariffs for solar and wind:

AGL offer a feed in rebate of 8c Kw for both wind and solar feed in up to 100Kw system size. They also still offer off peak rates for customers with feed in tariffs so it’s a win / win. Different retailers will offer different agreements so it’s important to check with your retailer. We have direct lines to contact most retailer’s connections dept. so if you’re not having any luck we can help.

CAUTION: some retailer do not offer feed in credits for wind so if you connect a wind generator to a meter that also has solar connected to it your retailer cannot offer a credit for the solar feed in also as they will not be able to know what generated the credit the solar or the wind.

At the moment AGL's offer seems like it ticks all the boxes and we will continue our search of retailers offering great deals.

If you can post any info on other retailer’s offers we can all benefit.



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