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I am planning an off-grid system to power a home, and was wondering what brands are good from a cost/reliability point of view?


I heard that Raylite Lead/Acid batteries are good and last many years.




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Hi, Lead accid batteries are top of the chart when it comes to performances v cost. There down side is maintenance and safety, you will Regularly checking and replacing fluid levels. Your charger will also need to be programmed to eqalise your battery so be very careful to ensure your charger can be programmed to do this. For these reasons GEL batteries are usually prefered over lead acid. ( please not although AGM type batteries are still classified as a GEL they are not suitable for regular cycling I.e an off grid installation. When it comes to lead acid or gel always use the manufacturers charts to determine 1. Amp our rating at C100, C20 ext. depth of discharge, how much in % do you want to discharge the battery typically 60 to 80 %. How long will the battery last if it is depleted to 60 or 80%? Rated in number of cycles. Temperature coefficient, how we'll will it perform in your environment? And of course cost. With regard to brands raylite is a proven well known brand but there are many more. Look at the technical data for the above items first.

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