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Hybrid Systems

Australian Wind and Solar offer Wind Solar Hybrid System solutions designed to best suit your needs. Our Fully Qualified designers can create a system to best harvest the wind and solar in your area.


Hybrid power systems utilise both wind and solar power to produce electricity for homes and businesses. Hybrid Systems are becoming popular as they have the ability to harvest the power of the sun and wind when either or both are available.


Depending on your location and your energy requirements the main source and supplement source of renewable energy, either wind or solar will vary.


A well designed Wind Solar Hybrid System will maximize the available solar and wind energy required to sufficiently operate your property's electrical load.

Battery banks that are precisely calculated to match the available wind and solar energy to the load required can be added to the system in the most economical way.

If Grid power is available this can also be used to supplement the battery charge during off-peak periods and/or sell excess power back to your retailer.

All this comes together using our programmable controller.

We provide you with a detailed System Design and offer an obligation free assessment.

A Three Phase Hybrid System