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Wind Controllers and Inverters

Australia Wind and Solar sell a wide range of Wind Controllers and Inverters, including the popular AWS Wind Controllers, Ginlong Wind Inverters and Australian-made Latronics Wind Controllers and Inverters. To purchase your own Wind Controllers and Inverters please check out our Online Store or Contact Us for more information.

The AWSTM 2kW, 3kW & 5kW Wind & Solar Hybrid Controllers transform wind energy into electricity to store to your battery bank. The Wind & Solar Hybrid Controller is a very important part in an Off-Grid System and its performance and efficiency will greatly improve the life expectancy and operational stability of the whole system, especially the life span of your batteries.

All AWS Wind Controllers come with their own Dump Load.

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To purchase your own AWS Wind Controller please check out our Online Store.

Ginlong Wind Inverters

Australian Wind and Solar AWS wind controllers
Australian Wind and Solar are a proud distributor of Ginlong Wind Inverters. We offer the convenience of full Australian technical support and an Australian warranty and we are Clean Energy Council Wind accredited.

Ginlong Wind Inverters are designed by a world leading research & development team. Ginlong Wind Inverters are praised by clients all over the world due to their high quality and reliability. These Wind Inverters feature an ultra-wide input voltage, precise MPPT algorithm, have a maximum efficiency rate of over 97%, they are especially suitable for high and low wind areas. All these features have made Ginlong Inverters one of the best performing and cost effective Wind Inverters in the world.

All Wind Inverters offered by Australian Wind and Solar are AS4777 Approved.

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Australian Wind and Solar have a wide range of Ginlong Wind Inverters, Controllers, Dump Loads and Monitoring Interfaces in our