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Australian Wind and Solar are Wind Endorsed and Accredited with the Clean Energy Council. We are qualified to provide a site wind assessment, monitor and assess wind data, assess your electrical load requirements and select an appropriate Wind Turbine for your on-grid or off-grid system. Wind Turbines harness the power generated by the wind. They are becoming more popular as the cost of energy keeps increasing more people and businesses are looking for ways to reduce and possibly eliminate their power costs.  We offer Horizontal and Vertical Wind Turbine sizes ranging from 1kw to 50kw (single turbine) and cluster turbines up to 100s of kw.

AWS TM is the official range of Wind Turbines offered by Australian Wind and Solar. AWS Wind Turbines are built to the highest quality, are stringently tested in the harshest Australian conditions and meet all Australian standards. An AWS Wind Turbine is one of the highest quality in the world and offer the best value from a reputable Australian company. 

The AWS Vertical offers an efficient, low cost solution to harness the wind’s energy and deliver it directly to the consumer. Commercial applications include powering lifts, public lighting, heating and cooling. Residential applications are suitable where low noise and low maintenance are important. The sleek line, light weight and endless colour options makes the AWS Vertical easily adaptable to any commercial, farming or residential structure.


AWS HC are the next evolution in Horizontal Wind Turbines. AWS HC Wind Turbines have the lowest start-up speed in their class, highest efficiency, superior build quality, including cast body, carbon-fibre blades and revolutionary full body passive pitch control. AWS HC Wind Turbines can operate at full capacity in all wind conditions whilst protecting itself in extreme weather conditions. AWS HC Wind Turbines have a minimum 20 year life expectancy.

AWS Marine Grade Wind Turbines are smaller turbines for boats, caravans and other applications. There are 2 AWS Wind Turbines available: AWS400 (400W) and AWS2000 (1-2kW). AWS Marine Grade Wind Turbines are super quiet, lightweight and marine-grade with carbon-fibre composite blades. Vibration dampener ensures no sound transfers into the mast. The AWS400 is supplied with a charge/turbine controller with an easy-to-read display. AWS2000 controller is internal.


Wind Turbine Components

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Australian Wind and Solar AWS wind turbines
AWS Towers are a quality, Australia designed Wind Turbine Tower. AWS Towers are available for all AWS Wind Turbines including 650W to 5.1kW. 9m and 12m Towers are tilt towers with no wires. 18m Tower is a tilt tower with stay wires for extra support. AWS Towers are certified to the highest Australian Wind condition standards. 
AWS Towers are galvanised and supplied with footing cage.

Urban Wind Turbine?

Australian Wind and Solar AWS wind turbines

What's involved in installing a Wind Turbine?

This series of photos shows the process of installing a Wind Turbine.

Wind Powered Water Pumping

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Our Wind Turbines have a proven track record and come with an excellent warranty and on-going support.


Australian Wind and Solar designers have an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Renewable Energy. See all our qualifications.


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