Solar Victoria Small Business Rebate

The Victorian Government are offering Solar Rebates of up to $3,500 off a solar system for your Business Property.

To be eligible your business must:

  • Employee less than 20 people

  • Operate a business from a commercial premises

  • Install a system less than 30kW

  • Use a Solar Victoria approved Solar Retailer


System Design

Our accredited designers develop a system design that uses the most current and accurate information to design the best system that suits your needs.


Dairy Farms

AWS Dairy Feasibility Study demonstrates a real-life application for renewable energy solution for a Dairy Farm in NSW.

AWS Power Cube.jpg

AWS Power Cube

The AWS Power Cube is a complete storage and control system all in one that can be shipped directly to your location and connected to your solar.



We design an Off-Grid system to suit your unique situation and location. We offer Solar Power, Wind Turbines, Battery Banks and Back-up Generators as part of an overall Off-Grid solution.

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AWS SunCharge

Do you own a Tesla?

The AWS SunCharge is a new device that plugs into your Tesla Destination Charger, allowing you to charge your EV when you are generating excess solar power.

Taking Photos

Project Gallery

Check out our Project Galleries: Off-Grid, Construction, Rural and Solar Schools for ideas for your own Renewable Energy project.



Australian Wind and Solar have extensive experience within the Construction industry. Click to see our Capability Statement.

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AWS Wind Turbines

AWS Wind Turbines ranging from 1kw to 10kw and cluster turbines up to 100s of kw. AWS Wind Turbine ranges included Performance, Flower and Marine Grade.

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Online Store

View our product collections to find the best renewable energy products for your needs. 
Get the latest range of AWS Products as well as some other great products.



Whether you have a Farm, Accomodation, or a Country Homestead, we design a Grid-Connected system to minimise your reliance on the Grid.

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AWS SunMate

The AWS SunMate is an innovative renewable energy management product that uses surplus power generated by solar power to heat electric hot water.

Solar power calculations

Visualize your own home or business with solar panels!

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Solar power calculations

Solar victoria

small business

Solar Victoria have opened up their popular Solar Rebates for Small Businesses.

Small Business owners can claim up to $3,500 on their Solar System under 30kW.

To find out if your Small Business is eligible, Contact Us now!

AWS Power Cube


An Australian Wind and Solar System Power Cube is a simple Control Room for a Renewable Energy System. Choose the Power Cube that's right for you. We fit it out in our warehouse and shipped to your site for connection to the installed renewable energy system.

Why choose AWS?

Australian Wind and Solar are innovators in Renewable Energy solutions. We tailor a system that's right for you, saving you money.

Australian Wind and Solar are leaders in Solar Power, Wind Technology, Hot Water solutions, Battery Back up and Off-Grid Systems. 

Australian Wind and Solar are manufacturers, designers, retailers and installers of the world's most innovative Renewable Energy products and whole system solutions to every power need.


Australian Wind and Solar are leaders in the Renewable Energy field. We manufacture a range of AWS products that are world class quality products.