Alice Springs Earth Sanctuary, NT

The system is three 5kW Selectronic SP Pro inverter/chargers wired in three phase master-slave-slave configuration, 24 x BAE 1200 Ah battery bank (48V, 30.29kWh of useable energy storage @ 70% DOD and C10) installed in a shipping container shipped to site. The system design, installation and certification was carried out by Australian Wind and Solar (CEC certified).

Australian Wind and Solar have completed a Renewable Energy case study based on the system at Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre in Alice Springs. This is an exciting project between Australian Wind and Solar and Earth Sanctuary.

The current grid supply for Earth Sanctuary is known to have continuous outtages throughout the year, usually occuring during peak times when functions are being held. When this occurs, operations such as cooking and lighting for guests become unavailable. Earth Sanctuary had previously invested in renewable energy infrastructure by installing solar, wind and battery systems, however, the incumbent infrastructure was not sufficient to mitigate the number of blackouts, brownouts and low quality power supplied from the grid.

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