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AWS Power Cube

AWS Power Cube
An Australian Wind and Solar System Power Cube is a container of varying size that serves as a Control Room for a Renewable Energy System. The Power Cube is fitted out to our customer's specific requirements in our warehouse and shipped to our customer's site for connection to the installed solar and/or wind turbine.

The benefit of having the Power Cube fitted out prior to shipping is that the time and cost of installation is significantly reduced.

Configuration of the AWS Power Cube is flexible. Each Power Cube is designed to suit each customer's individual Renewable System needs.

Popular AWS Power Cube Packages



Mini AWS Power Cube

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Professional AWS Power Cube

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Weekender AWS Power Cube

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Maxi AWS Power Cube

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Lifestyle AWS Power Cube

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AWS Power Cube in the Outback

Check out Earth Sanctuary's Power Cube, as featured on the Channel 9 series "Outback Brothers".

This video shows the process from the Power Cube being assembled in Tullamarine, Victoria and being moved and connected onsite in Alice Springs, NT.

Further updates on this Power Cube can be found here: (1) Earth Sanctuary Alice Springs NT - YouTube

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