AWS Products

Renewable Energy is a field that is constantly changing and evolving. It's important to keep on top of the newest products that allow you to get the best out of your Renewable Energy investment.

AWS is the Australian Wind and Solar product range. We manufacture a wide range of micro Wind Turbines, solar power diverters, controllers and storage solutions. We are also proud distributors of Pramac Generators and we offer a wide range of battery solutions.

Our Online Store offers a range of products from Weather Stations, Solar Fans and Wind Accessories, as well as our full range of AWS product range.


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AWS SunMate

The AWS SunMate is an innovative renewable energy management product that uses surplus power generated by solar power to heat electric hot water.

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AWS Power Cube

The AWS Power Cube is a complete storage and control system all in one that can be shipped directly to your location and connected to your solar.


Solar Power

Whether you're looking for Solar Power as part of a Project, or just to purchase directly from AWS, we have a range of Solar products available.



AWS offer a range of Batteries and back-up solutions, including BYD, LG Chem and BAE gel batteries.

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AWS Wind Turbines

AWS Wind Turbines ranging from 1kw to 10kw and cluster turbines up to 100s of kw. AWS Wind Turbine ranges included Performance, Flower and Marine Grade.


Pramac Generators

AWS offer a range of Generators, either as part of your project or to purchase directly from our Online Store