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Coming Soon: SunMate 3.0

A new version of the SunMate will be available soon, with new features - app control, multi-phase, more power and a weather-proof enclosure.

Release of the AWS SunMate 3.0 has been significantly delayed due to COVID-19.

AWS 2.0 single phase and 3 phase are not affected.

AWS SunMate Solar Hot Water
Produces FREE HOT WATER from your Solar Power

The AWSTM SunMate is an innovative renewable energy management product that will use all the surplus power generated by your solar or wind power to produce hot water. Every unit of power used to heat the hot water in this way reduces imported energy by the same amount, resulting in a significant saving in imported energy costs.


The AWSTM SunMate will work with any solar system or wind turbine and uses a standard electric hot system to produce free hot water. The advanced SunMate controller ensures maximum usage of solar and/or wind power that would have been exported. The system is simple to install and will not affect your feed-in tariff payments.

The SunMate system works by accurately monitoring the power being imported or exported and always diverts sufficient power into the hot water system in order to keep the exported power to as near zero as possible whilst at the same time ensuring that no additional grid power is ever imported to supply the hot water store. Priority is always given to the energy demands of the household appliances and only surplus energy that would have otherwise been exported is stored in the hot water system.

Also available in 3 Phase

AWS SunMate 2.0

AWS SunMate Solar Hot Water
  • No Need To Change Your Existing Electric Hot Water Unit

  • Easy To Install

  • Boost/Timer Function

  • Accurate power measurement

  • Precise intelligent power control

  • Highly reliable dual redundant solid state power electronics

  • LCD Display

  • 5 Year Warranty

AWS SunMate Solar Hot Water

SunMate 2.0 - What's Different?

  • Wireless Ready

  • 2 outputs each configurable for variable or threshold power mode

  • Variable power mode for water heating

  • Threshold mode control for appliance control

  • Temperature sensor or thermostat operation

  • Output power expandable to 12KW