AWS Vertical Wind Turbine

We are proud to present the newest member of the AWS family: the AWS Wind Turbine. The AWS Vertical Wind Turbine has been designed and built entirely in Australia.

Power is consumed in almost everything we do in everyday life. Although appliances have become more energy efficient the number of electric appliances and equipment has increased and so has the average daily energy consumption. In grid connected applications—and even more so in off grid applications— the source of our energy is vital.

The AWS Vertical offers an efficient, low cost solution to harness the wind’s energy and deliver it directly to the consumer. Commercial applications include powering lifts, public lighting, heating and cooling. Residential applications are suitable where low noise and low maintenance are important.

The sleek line, light weight and endless colour options makes the AWS Vertical easily adaptable to any commercial, farming or residential structure.

AWS Vertical Wind Turbine


AWS vertical wind turbine update 21st November 2018.


The AWS V series wind turbine has now entered its final stages of testing. In the final test the blade angel of attack in varied from +15 degree to -15 degree, a total of 30 tests. These tests confirm the calculated performance and seek the best overall performance.


Each test requires fabrication of blade mounts and disassembly and reassembly of the blades and is therefore very time consuming.


We will provide videos and photo on our Facebook page and other media outlets.