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Price Guide - Build your system
SOMA 1kW Wind Turbine
Coopers Shoot wind turbine.JPG
AWS HC 3.3kW Performance Wind Turbine
AWS HC 5kW Performance Wind Turbine

Included in packages:

  • Tower footing excavation, form work and concrete

  • Up to 50m cable run and trenching

Extras (not included in packages):

  • Travel exceeding 50km from Melbourne CBD

  • Rock removal

  • Restricted access to site

  • Shipping not included unless installed by AWS

AWS Wind Turbines
AWS HC Series logo.jpg

AWS HC are the next evolution in Horizontal Wind Turbines. 


AWS HC Wind Turbines have the lowest start-up speed in their class, highest efficiency, superior build quality, including cast body, carbon-fibre blades and revolutionary full body passive pitch control. AWS HC Wind Turbines can operate at full capacity in all wind conditions whilst protecting itself in extreme weather conditions. AWS HC Wind Turbines have a minimum 20 year life expectancy.


AWS HC Wind Controller is available in 12V, 24V, 48V or Grid Connect. It offers superior performance with absolute Wind Turbine protection. It includes power smoothing and surge protection.

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