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The recommended tower height minimum is 7 meters above trees or obstacles within 100m (300ft). The highest point on your property is generally best, but wind generator distance to the battery and the battery voltage must be considered for correct wire sizing. A guyed tower is recommended for increased stability. A fold over design such as the AWS towers are recommended.

Foundations must be designed and approved for local wind/soil conditions.
It is recommended to fit the wind generator to the matching AWS tower, available in 9, 12, 15 and 18 metres (9 and 12 metre tower are wireless).

An AWS HC wind turbine is not recommended for roof-mounting except on a commercial building, pending engineering approval.

In all rural applications an AWS HC wind turbine should be approximately 50 metres from the property.

AWS HC wind turbines are NOT recommended  for domestic roof-mounting in residential areas.

For any enquiries about AWS wind turbines please click the button below.

AWS Wind Turbines recommended use.jpg

Commercial type structures only

AWS HC (650W to 1.8kW)


Free standing tower

AWS HC (650W to 5.1kW)

50 metres

from property

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