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BAE Secura PVV Gel Cell - Solar Batteries

BAE batteries are top quality valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries - perfect for solar power systems. They are used in grid-interactive as well as in off-grid solar systems. Made by BAE Batterien GmbH in Germany, and available in 686 to 4710 Amp Hour capacity.

We sell the Secura PVV Solar Cell range from BAE. The Secura PVV Solar is a Gel cell battery that comes in individual 2 Volt cells. All prices for BAE batteries on our website (as with all our batteries) are for 12 volt sets. The interconnecting straps are included in the price.

BAE solar batteries are rated ~8000 cycles @ 20% Depth of Discharge (meaning your battery remains 80% full). Due to the high cycle life requirements tubular plates are used. They are made for indoor use.

No Maintenance

Gel batteries do not require top ups, the only maintenance that should be performed is:

  • Voltage and temperature check (every 6 months)

  • Battery connection check (every 12 months)

Solar Victoria

Victorian residents may be eligible for the Solar Victoria Battery Rebate.
Solar Victoria Battery Map pic