Murrindindi VIC

The system is a 5.4kW solar array (ZOx27AW solar panels), roof top mounted on tin roof with an SMA SkW solar inverter, 24x BAE420 2V VRIA sealed gel cells (1 1 .1 0kWh of usable storage atTOo/o DoD), 1x SMA Sunnylsland 6 inverter/charger, SMA Energy meter for monitoring, skVA auto start generator, upto 100m trenching and cable run from Shed to Cottage, Wiring up on shed which includes: 12 module switchboard, 6x power outlets, 14x DF LED lights, main earth, electrical inspector and certification of shed, associated racking and electrical accessories. The system design, installation and certification was carried out by Australian Wind and Solar.