Introducing AWS SunCharge


The AWS SunCharge is a new device that simply plugs into your Tesla Destination Charger, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle when you are generating solar power.


Single Phase

This Single Phase AWS SunCharge is for a single phase site. If your property has 3 phase or multi-phase power, purchase the 3 Phase AWS SunCharge instead.

What do you need?

  • Solar System

  • Tesla Destination Charger

  • Tesla EV

  • AWS SunCharge


How does it work?

The AWS SunCharge uses your Solar generated power rather than Grid power, to charge your Tesla EV. Not only does this make sense economically, it also is a cleaner, greener way to charge your Tesla EV.


Rather than plugging your car into the Tesla destination charger only when the sun comes out, the AWS SunCharge will charge your Tesla EV as soon as your solar starts generating power.

With the easy to use App, you can set the Amp level at which to charge the car. You can schedule charging to start when the solar reaching a chosen Amp level. You can also see when the car is charging, and when it has finished charging.

Is it easy to install?

The AWS SunCharge is incredibly easy to install. Only 3 steps are required to connect the AWS SunCharge into your Tesla Destination Charger. It takes less than 5 minutes to install.


Do I need an Electrician?

An Electrician is required to install the meter which comes with the AWS SunCharge. Installing the device itself into the Tesla Destination Charger does not have to be done by an Electrician.

Does it work with EVs other than Tesla?

At the moment AWS are only releasing the AWS SunCharge to work with Tesla Destination Chargers. 

Other EV chargers will be released in the future.

AWS SunCharge