Pro AWS Power Cube

Total cost $28,416.15 - does not include shipping

The Pro AWS Power Cube is assembled in Melbourne and shipped to your location for installation.

Solar panels are NOT included but can be added to your order.


PowerCube Pro
Insulation and timber
Light fitting, power point, switch board
Solar and house connection points
Sunny Island 8.0
SunnyBoy 6.0
BYD pro 13.8
Communications - ethernet switch + cables
electrical Cable and accessories


Recommended usage
Lighting - YES
General power - YES
Computer - YES
Wood fire Fan - YES
Split system cooling only - YES
Split system cooling and heating - NO
Fridge small - YES
Fridge large - YES
Freezer small - YES
Freezer Large - NO
Washing Machine - YES
Dryer - NO
Basic plug in kitchen appliances - YES
Electric oven - YES
Microwave - YES
Coffee machine - YES
Toaster - YES
Dishwasher - NO
Small workshop - YES
Beer fridge - NO
Wine fridge - YES
Hot water - NO

Pro AWS Power Cube