Digital Weather Station with Monochrome Display

Weather station with clear LCD screen and 5-in-1 weather sensor/transmitter
• Works on the 868/915/917MHz Band
• Up to 150m Range

The wireless 5-in-1 sensor contains a self-emptying rain collector for measuring rainfall, anemometer, wind vane, temperature and humidity sensors. It is fully assembled and calibrated for easy installation. It sends data by a low power radio frequency signal (917MHz band) to the main display unit up to 150m away (line of sight).


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The main display shows all the weather data received from the 5-in-1 sensor outside. It remembers the data for a time range for you to monitor and analyse the weather status for the past 24 hours. It has advanced features such as the HI/LO Alert alarm which will alert the user when the set high or low weather criteria are met. The barometric pressure records are computed to give users forthcoming weather forecast and storm warning. Day and date stamps are also provided to the corresponding maximum and minimum records for each weather detail.

The system also analyses the rainfall rate, and shows daily, weekly and monthly records. Wind-speed is expressed in Beaufort Scale, and readings such as wind-chill, heat Index, dew point, and comfort level are also provided.

• Indoor & Outdoor Temperature (°C or °F)
• Min/Max Records
• Indoor & Outdoor Hygrometer
• Wind Speed  (m/s, km/h, mph, or knots)
• Wind Direction
• Wind Chill
• Dew Point
• Heat index
• Rain Gauge  (in or mm) 
• Rain Rate
• Barometric Pressure (hPa, inHg, or mmHg) 
• Moon Phase
• Time/Date Display
• High/Low Alarms
• 12 Hour Forecast
• Rainfall & Barometer Histogram
Internal or Sub-part Dimensions



Dimension details Active Display Area
Height 120mm
Width 90mm
Additional Dimensions
Depth 136mm
Dimensions details Remote Sensor
Width 343mm
Height 393mm
Product Dimensions
Width 120mm
Height 190mm
Depth 22mm
Weight 370g
Weather Stations
Weather Station Style Weather Station
Storm Warning YES
Calender YES
Sensor Type Remote wireless sensor
Sensor Battery Type Alkaline
Sensor Battery Size AA
Sensor Battery Quantity 3pc
Measures Temperature
Measures in Celcius YES
Measures in Fahrenheit YES
Outdoor / Exterior Scale -40°C-65°C
Measures Humidity and Moisture
Relative humidity range 20%-90%
RH Humidity measure accuracy +/- 5%
Relative Humidity YES
Measures Wind
Wind Speed Range 0km/h-180km/h
Displays speed in km/h YES
Displays speed in knots YES
Measures Wind Direction YES
Measures Rainfall
Sensor Type Rocker Collector (Continuous Flow)
Maximum Rainfall Reading 9999mm
Measures Atmospheric Pressure
Pressure Range 54kPa-110kPa
Meter Display
Display Height 165mm
Display Width 90mm
Display Type LCD
Display colour Monochrome
Display Backlight LED Backlit
Power from disposable battery
Size / Shape AA
Battery quantity 3pc
Battery used for Transmitter
Wireless Transmission
Transmission power 917W
Transmission range 150m
Transmission frequency



Weather Station XC0432

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AU$170.00Sale Price