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Earth Sanctuary, Alice Springs, NT

This 100 acre property just out of Alice Springs features several Solar arrays, AWS Wind Turbine, AWS Power Cube with BAE batteries, PRAMAC generator and remote monitoring. This system powers 4 houses, Earth Sanctuary functions, and School tours.

Earth Sanctuary was recently featured in "Outback Brothers" on 9Now.

Australian Wind and Solar were, and continue to be, proudly involved in developing the Renewable Energy needed to run a massive property like Earth Sanctuary.


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Rotten Point House

This magnificent Rotten Point House sits atop an untouched clifftop and boasts impressive views over Victoria's Johanna Beach and beyond. The architecturally designed rammed-earth house is located between Apollo Bay and The Twelve Apostles, and Australian Wind and Solar are proud to be a part of this magnificent Holiday Home.

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