Renewable Energy is continually replenished energy. Australian Wind and Solar specialise in harnessing the power of the sun and wind. Our whole-system solutions includes Inverters and Controllers of the highest quality, the leading technology in battery back-up options and Pramac generators.

Whether your property is Off-Grid, Grid-Connected, a farm, a school or a business, there are so many options out there. But which one is best for you?  Australian Wind and Solar are fully accredited to design a system that will maximise the full potential of Wind and Solar Power.

Renewable Energy Projects



We design an Off-Grid system to suit your unique situation and location. We offer Solar Power, Wind Turbines, Battery Banks and Back-up Generators as part of an overall Off-Grid solution.


System Design

Our accredited designers develop a system design that uses the most current and accurate information to design the best system that suits your needs.



Whether you have a Farm, Accomodation, or a Country Homestead, we design a Grid-Connected system to minimise your reliance on the Grid.


Solar Schools

Does your school need solar? Do you need more than just solar? Check out our Solar Schools information for solutions.



Australian Wind and Solar have extensive experience within the Construction industry. Click to see our Capability Statement.