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Renewable Energy is continually replenished energy. Australian Wind and Solar specialise in harnessing the power of the sun and wind. Our whole-system solutions includes Inverters and Controllers of the highest quality, the leading technology in battery back-up options and generators.

Whether your property is Off-Grid, Grid-Connected, a Commercial property, a farm, a school or a business, there are so many options out there. But which one is best for you?  Australian Wind and Solar are fully accredited to design a system that will maximise the full potential of Wind and Solar Power.

Renewable Energy Projects

System Design

Every good system starts with a good design

Without a System Design your Renewable Energy system could be over- or under-sized. Both of which cost YOU money! 

Our accredited designers develop a system design that uses the most current and accurate information to design the best system that suits your needs.

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Who can you turn to for Off-Grid power?

Australian Wind and Solar are experts in designing and installing an Off-Grid system that meets the demands of your intended house once it is finished. Our Designers work with you when choosing appliances and equipment to make sure you make the most of your investments.

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Renewable Energy for Power and Education

We have extensive experience in understanding what schools want and need from their Renewable Energy system. 

Not just a system that saves the school money, but a system that can be monitored and used to educate students, staff and the school community about the environment and benefits of Renewable Energy.

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Experts in Commercial Solar design and installation

We have designed and installed landmark Commercial Projects including an entire Residential Housing Estate, Landmark University Projects (incl Melbourne Uni & Uni SA), Off-Grid Water Treatment Plants, Residential Apartment Towers and Government buildings.



Grid Connected back-up Power

Whether you own a Rural Accommodation, a Dairy farm, building your Dream home, or if you have Intermittent grid power or Regular grid failures, 

our designers can provide a system that is sized correctly to supply electricity for your individual needs. 



More than just add Solar Panels

Accommodation owners and managers often as us "how do we reduce or even eliminate our electricity bills?" We can design a hybrid Grid-Connected system to suit your unique situation and location. We look at hot water and heat and cooling options, not just solar.

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