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Rural Grid-Connected

Rotten Point House, Great Ocean Road, VIC

Feature Project

Rotten Point House

This magnificent Rotten Point House sits atop an untouched clifftop and boasts impressive views over Victoria's Johanna Beach and beyond. The architecturally designed rammed-earth house is located between Apollo Bay and The Twelve Apostles, and Australian Wind and Solar are proud to be a part of this magnificent Holiday Home.

Australian Wind and Solar are licensed in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania to carry out electrical work on an Off-Grid power system. Australian Wind and Solar installers are Endorsed with the Clean Energy Council.


Many rural properties have mains power connected, but how do you reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills? Solar is great, but on its own, it has some drawbacks - it only produces power when it's sunny! What about wind? In many rural locations wind turbines are a fantastic resource, as wind power can generate electricity during the day or night.


The third part of the solution is battery back-up. While batteries were expensive, the cost has been decreasing steadily, and now there are incredibly affordable options available.

Australian Wind and Solar can design a hybrid Grid-Connected system to suit your unique situation and location. We offer Solar Power, Wind Turbines and Battery Banks as part of an overall Grid Connected solution.

A Grid-Connected renewable energy system MUST comply with the Australian Electrical standards, and ALL work must carried out by a licensed Electrical Contractor, just as with any other electrical work completed on your property. A relevant Certificate of Electrical Safety MUST also be issued.


Rural Back-up Power

What property might need Grid-Connected back-up power?

Australian Wind and Solar designers can provide a system that is sized correctly to supply electricity for your individual needs. With our industry leading products, high quality technology and innovations such as our AWS SunMate range, our consultants can ensure that you can achieve a comfortable lifestyle on a remote property. Our Grid-Connected systems ensure you have quality and reliable electricity supply, with the security of remaining connected to the national grid.

Deciding on a System?

Australian Wind and Solar offer a precisely designed system. We use real-time resource data (wind and/or solar) and calculated monthly load estimates rather than relying on guess-work. Our systems use the latest available technology: premium German Control and Battery Systems. Our systems are AC-tied rather than out-dated DC-tied technology. Our systems are easily expandable: additional Wind Turbines or Solar Panels can added to any part of the installation. Using our systems, your expected battery life could be more than double that of other systems.


Our systems offers exceptionally high short-term load rating, which allows for machines, pumps or welding equipment without compromising your system. Our systems are safe to use on sensitive equipment such as computers. 


Our systems are fully programmable with endless possibilities: 

  • Complete automatic stop/start generator control

  • Synchronous change-over (switch between generator and batteries with no loss of power)

  • Timed control

  • State of charge control

  • Emergency mode (Protect your property under threat of Fire)

  • Available in 1-phase, 2-phase and 3 phase

Grid-Connected Battery Back-up System

Australian Wind and Solar offer a range of Battery options, depending on your own needs. 


Where to next?

Australian Wind and Solar offer System Designs that provide you with a detailed plan for a Grid-Connected system that will meet your everyday needs. Whether your project is still in its design phase, building phase, or a pre-existing dwelling, our designers will work with you to collect data and create many simulations to ensure that the system they design will operate within expected parameters and will remain within budget.

Also, if you choose Australian Wind and Solar to install your project, the cost of the System Design is fully rebated into the cost of your project.

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