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Australian Wind and Solar have extensive experience in understanding what schools want and need from their Renewable Energy system. 

Not just a system that saves the school money, but a system that can be monitored and used to educate students, staff and the school community about the environment and benefits of Renewable Energy.



  • $0 Capital Expenditure
  • Cash Flow Positive
  • Energy Bill Reduction
  • Reduction of Energy Consumption
  • Lowering of CO2 emissions
  • Supporting the Growth of Renewable Energy
  • The Creation of a Resource Smart School
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Advantages of a detailed energy System Design

Renewable energy has never been more attractive from an investment viewpoint. These systems allow schools and businesses to lower operating costs while gaining a valuable asset and cutting down carbon emissions, in many cases without needing to spend a dollar up front. An investment in renewable energy can yield amazing returns both from an economic and environmental viewpoint. However, it is very important to ensure that only high quality equipment is used and that the system design is carefully thought out and well optimized in order to ensure that the ideal outcome can be reached and that pre-sale promises manifest into real world savings.

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Analysis of yearly meter interval data

Australian Wind and Solar have the ability to utilize existing meter interval data along with cutting edge energy system design software to analyse demand profiles in order to identify opportunities for load shifting, thermal energy storage to identify optimal energy system sizing.

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The use of meter interval data combined with electricity costs, equipment and installation costs and NASA solar radiation data for the site are used in order to identify the ideal energy system based on the priorities of the school or business. Systems can be designed based purely on best economic return, on the percentage of bills to be reduced, on a positive cash flow basis, on CO2 reduction or on a combination of all factors depending on what is important to the school in question.

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Ensuring that the optimal system is selected can represent a significant challenge. This is where Australian Wind and Solar can help. Unlike many renewable vendors, Australian Wind and Solar offer a detailed energy system report which utilizes cutting edge energy systems engineering software developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, (NREL) and utilizes NASA wind, solar and temperature satellite data for the school's GPS location. The energy report uses some of the most accurate data sets available in order to ensure that the recommended system offers the greatest return on investment for each project and that savings projections are realized post commissioning.

The energy report examines meter interval data, energy costs, demand profiles, renewable energy resources, product capital costs and installation orientation in order to calculate which system should be selected. Ask one of our team to demonstrate our system design capabilities.

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Emissions Reduction

The installation of 50kW of PV on our sample Victorian school resulted in drastic deduction in harmful emissions.

  • Carbon Dioxide was reduced by 39,174.08kg per year

  • Sulfur Dioxide was reduced by 169.84kg per year

  • Nitrogen Oxides were reduced by 83.06kg per year

Economics of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy offers some of the best risk free returns on investment available. The installation of solar energy can recoup its cost in as little as four years!

Payback periods of 5 to 8 years are the norm. Renewable energy will offer returns of greater than 15%! The figures used in all examples below are real energy data from our sample Victorian school. All economics are real and financial projections are accurate.

Advantages of $0 Upfront Finance

Electrical costs for schools rose by 180% between 2012 and 2013 and this is a common trend. Uilise $0 upfront financing to keep operating costs down while gaining a substantial asset, saving money in year 1 and cutting down on carbon emissions. This sample school was able to save $5,088 in this first year after repayments and tax rebates, all while having paid $0 upfront.

Real Time Load and Energy System Monitoring

Real time monitoring of Solar, Wind, Battery, multi-circuit electric load, power factor gas are available. Educate students and management about the importance of demand management and energy efficiency through the use of accurate data.


Accurate real time monitoring allows schools and businesses to not only identify renewable energy system power output, but also to monitor the school's energy demand. Australian Wind and Solar offer load analyssis in order to identify any energy efficiency measures or load shifting that could offer increased energy cost savings. The inclusion of multi-circuit monitoring allows the easy identification of where energy is being used and at what time This information empowers manangement with the knowledge of how to achieve the greatest savings, often by simply knowing when to turn a device on or off, or if appliances have been running inefficiently, or whether equipment may need upgrading.

This data can also be used to educate students as to the importance of energy efficiency, and the performance of renewable energy systems.

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Educational Packages

Australian Wind and Solar offer a range of Incursions for Primary and Secondary Schools that include the following:

  • Developing skills and knowledge about Renewable Energy

  • Solar technology and operation

  • Wind turbine technology design and operation

  • New battery theory and technology overview (Lithium vs Traditional)

  • Solar geometry, seasonal renewable energy resources

  • CO2 reduction and global climate change

  • Understanding energy (demand side management and energy efficiency)

  • The economics of Renewable Energy

Incursions are delivered by experienced Rnewable Energy experts and experienced educators. Concent is designed to compliment AusVELS curriculum and RecourceSmart Schools.


Pre-visit and post-visit information with follow-up activities and resources.


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