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System Design

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What is a System Design?
An Australian Wind and Solar System Design is a detailed report of your energy consumption and available energy yield (wind or solar). The report uses complex calculations, weather data, precise location data and local and surrounding terrain data.

The design provides precise details of:

  • Expected daily , monthly and yearly energy yield of either solar or wind or both

  • Daily and time of use power consumption of your property with calculated maximum surge currents, apparent power and true power, short term peaks

  • Detailed solar design including performance by month

  • Detailed wind design including performance by month

  • Detailed wind and solar reports including wind to useable power and solar to usable power charts for your precise location

  • Battery bank selection criteria with precise performance details including discharge ratings, design discharge selection , life expectancy charts, available storage, number of days autonomy

  • Control system specifications and programming options

  • Configuration options to best suit your application

  • Easy to understand charts and graphs

Do I need a System Design?

The simple answer is yes. If your system is off-grid the designer is simply guessing if a design has not been carried out. We have over 18 years’ experience and are often still surprised of a report outcome being different to our initial estimates. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a guess?

If your system is On-Grid we still recommend a design be carried out as you are guessing or trusting a sales person on performance estimates which are the key to calculating your payback period and again you are only guessing. A very minor under or overestimate well outweighs the cost of a design. An undersized battery bank or inverter will dramatically reduce the life of the battery system and leave you without power often and damage system components, causing rapid deterioration, where an oversized system would have cost you much more and be less efficient.

Wind or Solar?
Depending on who you ask you are more likely to receive a response based on an expected sale from a company that specialises in one or the other. Australian Wind and Solar specialise in both. Our System Designs provide a clear picture on which system is most suited to your application. It is not uncommon that situations occur where a client may believe there is ample wind at their property to generate sufficient power and our reports have proven this is not the case. This saves the client thousands, directing funds to other resources (ie solar, generators etc). Also, it may be assumed that wind was not a feasible resource where our reports can prove it is extremely viable. The same situation can occur for solar. Our simple answer for the question of wind or solar is BOTH. We always recommend that a report is carried out identifying both available resources; there is nothing to lose and all to gain by doing this. To direct a client in only one direction without a System Design is a gamble not in your favour.

Who can provide a System Design?

We can of course, but be vigilant and ask for credentials. The designer needs to be able to provide the following upon your request, if they can't then your best locate another designer.

  1. A class electrical license in your relevant state or electrical engineer

  2. Contracting electrical license in your relevant state or electrical engineer

  3. Clean Energy Council accredited Designers

  4. Clean Energy Council accredited Installers

  5. Clean Energy Council accredited Wind Designers and Installers

  6. Clean Energy Council accredited Stand Alone Power Systems Designers and Installers 

Is a System Design a commitment to purchase?

No, your System Design is yours to keep. Should you proceed with an installation all costs of the design will be credited.
What does a System Design cost?
Very little and, the cost a System Design is rebated into the cost of your project. Our designs are made to save you money. Systems too large (over-rated) , systems too small (under-rated) incorrectly laid out, positioned, programmed, poor matching of investors and charge controllers, little or no resource (wind or solar) poorly or no consideration to the  discharge and charge of battery banks can all cost you thousands of dollars. 
How long does a System Design take to prepare?
A System Design usually takes 6 weeks to prepare.
How do I arrange a System Design for my installation?
Give our team a call on 1300 736 458 or Contact Us on the button below.