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AWS installed a 6KW solar system in my house. Gary took care of everything and kept me updated on my Victorian solar rebate and installation process. The experience just did not end there, he also called up post installation to check how things were going with us. While Mary also monitored the change of electricity meter and kept me updated about the progress. 

I haven’t seen such great service and dedication in solar industry. 

The team who installed the system were complete experts and delivered the outcome in the time they promised keeping in mind our power requirements on those days of installation. 

Highly recommend AWS for your solar requirements.

Prafulla Shrivastava


I did a follow up in relation to my high voltage levels that you mentioned when you came and replaced my existing faulty inverter.

I contacted Powercor Australia, where an investigation took place and Powercor Australia has confirmed that the voltage levels supplied to my installation was not within the acceptable limits and works will be undertaken in the coming weeks to rectify this issue.

I would like to thank you for utilising your knowledge and skills to identify this issue.

Monica Tsui

Taylors Hill


We have had several visitors viewing your system and so many questions. ALL have been amazed at what your system offers and are questioning other quotes for their systems. I referred them to Tom and am sure he and your team will be back in Cowra. We are very happy with your achievement here and only too willing to recommend your instillation team as you have a lot to live up to. 

We are very proud of our system and only to willing to show case your efforts here at Nevada Park.

Phill and Fiona Evans

Koorawatha, NSW

Our experience with Australian Wind and Solar has been exceptional. Our place is entirely off the grid, with a system designed by Adam to perfectly suit our needs. We've got a 5kw system with 5kw inverter, 20 solar panels and a back up petrol generator. 
We designed our house to be mindful of energy demands - with ceiling fans, LED lighting, a wood fire heater and natural gas cooking and hot water back up. We certainly haven't had to compromise our behavior or aesthetics too much to make an off grid system work for us - we have all the mod cons and use them without too much thought. 
The great thing is, since we set up ourselves up to be low impact from the start, we barely have to think about our energy usage, so the occasional use of the electric blanket or welder is guilt free. In our first two and a half years in our place, we've had maybe 3 instances where we've had to rely on the generator. We've been through 3 gas bottles. 
The handy app is a great way to monitor our use, though we rarely need to. According to the tracking, we apparently avoid over 5 tonnes of CO2 a year from energy use alone just for the fact that we're using solar. 
Adam has been phenomenal. He's only ever a phone call away and ready to answer any questions we have at any time of the day or night, and has ducked past to check on things more than once. 
We're extremely happy to recommend these guys if you're thinking about an off grid system. Guilt free power and never again having to pay an energy bill are a great perk, and the confidence of having the support of Adam and the crew is fantastic. 

Marcus Goonan

Guildford Vic

When I was quite young, I was fascinated by the idea and challenges of living "self-sufficient". Of course that never happened. When my husband and I were in our 20s, we drove by wind turbines each lay strangely placed alongside an eastern suburbs arterial road, and each I wished for a windmill of our own. We are now in our 60s and our lives had very nearly passed us by, when last year we found a beautiful block of land in South Australia, which we were fortunate enough to be able to buy. If only for the duration of our retirement, we feel our lives are starting again. In our excitement we contacted Australian Wind and Solar, met with Adam and said yes to an "off grid" power system. Once committed we couldn't wait, but finally, up drove Adam, with two of his crew and a ton or four of equipment. It turned out, by the end of the week, they had not forgotten a single thing - not a screw or a spanner. That was so impressive and very professional.

Then it was a week of furious construction, each day from dawn till dusk. The three of them were friendly, hardworking and totally on top of their fields of expertise, and despite me hanging around to take lots of photos and my husband getting in close to see exactly what they were doing, they did not complain once - I guess that their own enthusiasm for the technology meant that they sort of understood our emotional investment. And now, we are just a little bit "self-sufficient", with no power bills for the rest of our lives (something we can pass on to our daughter and her children) and that makes us feel pretty damn good. By the way, I was born in Holland, and windmills are in my blood, and all now that we have one of our own, all I can say is - solar is good, but wind is better! 


Kingston, South Australia

With the partnership and generosity from Adam Falzon of Australian Wind and Solar, a subsidiary of Adant Services Group, there was an offer to meet our grant dollar-for-dollar. The school will spend the DEECD grant of $10k on the 1.5 kW Horizontal Axis turbine, while ADANT Services Group will generously supply labour and installation for free. In optimal conditions, the wind turbine is able to generate 24kWh of electricity per day. Based on the power curve diagram below and our average wind speeds we will generate 5,880 kWh per annum. This will help offset our data projector consumption, which currently is 12 projectors x 5 hours x 190 active school days per year. The total is 4,560 kWh. Which is maximum usage calculation and average wind speed power output. We are very happy to offset this electricity usage in order to power the school?s data projectors which are the main learning interfaces within the classrooms.

Anthony Carter & Theo Hartman

Coburg Senior High School

Adam and his team installed a 1 Kw turbine on our roof after working with us executing our grant responsibilities over the past year. Their diligence, availability and creative management was a breath of fresh air. They always provided prompt communication, were able to find solutions and envision possibilities. We look forward to working with them on more projects in the future. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Theodore Hartman

High School Sustainability Coordinator

We have just had an Off grid solar and wind system installed by Australian wind and solar and could not be happier. Right from the first contact with this company we felt we had made the right choice, no pressure to buy it was all dealt with in a relaxed, professional and informative style. It was never an inconvenience for them to drive an hour and a half from Melbourne to inspect the property and then make recommendations on what sort of a tailored system would suit us best. In just the 8 weeks of having the system we have had substantial savings in fuel costs for power generation, we look forward to further savings and the silent production of energy. I would recommend Australian Wind And Solar for all your power generation needs.

John & Yvonne


Satisfied Customer


Whilst most solar installers seem content to provide out of the box solutions and throw a few panels on the roof, these guys took the time to consult and propose a tailored, innovative solution for our needs. The end result for us speaks for itself, true meaningful power savings with a solar install designed to meet our specific needs. Very happy with the system. Thank you!

Anthony and Karen

Grid, off-grid hybrid solar installation - Deniliquin

I can't thank you enough for your professionalism. Your company is impressive. Thank you again for the time and effort you put into my design. I will be talking to you in a few years. Thank you for driving to Portland to help me. It was lovely meeting you.


Solar Quote, Portland

Very very happy with the install. The crew were great and thoroughly professional.


Mount Martha, Victoria

Australian wind and solar are professionals !! When it came to doing their site analysis, everything was explained, even things I thought were not important. We were so happy to have a fully qualified and endorsed consultant explain to us what we really needed. Thank you Australian wind and solar.

Gary and Doreen

Bendigo, Victoria

Very professional service, information was very informative and accurate didn't push for the dearer option which surprised us would recommend them to anyone

Peter & Jennine


A HUGE thankyou to you guys!!! took the time to provided me with information that i couldn't find anywhere else. Answered all of my questions. Very grateful


grateful student

Thanks heaps to Australian Wind And Solar ! Your guys took the time to discuss the most suitable system for our property. We are extremely impressed with the quality of their work. We are now producing more electricity than we use, Wow! Keep up the good work and we would highly recommend you.

Tania & Charlie


A massive thank-you to Australian Wind and Solar for the installation of our 5kw Solar Panel System. You were very helpful and thorough in working out a system which perfectly suited our needs and most importantly explained step by step how it works. Your prompt service has made this a very smooth transition and we are looking forward to reaping the rewards. We already have recommended you to our family and friends.

Donna & Andrew

Solar Energy, Gordon

Our property was after a new wind turbine and the AWS team ​were nothing but professional, informative and very helpful to providing me all the technical specifications and guidance on our best options. From sales to installation and now after sales help, I could not recommend them highly enough. I would like to thank AWS for helping me with my renewable energy solutions. I will not hesitate to go back when my system needs help again.

Angelo Greco

Wind Turbine

I am writing to you about your Wind Generator AWS 400 which I fitted to my yacht a while ago on the stern. I have been really impressed with its capacity in most winds and its ease of installation and the Back Up your firm supplies to myself and others. The Generator is really quite for being on a yacht where you can hear everything through the Hull. Thanks for your assistance and Knowledge of your Product. Santosha II

Russell Vincent

AWS400 on yacht

The extension of our PV system and the installation of the battery storage, by the AWS team, was performed very professionally. The system is performing as expected. The knowledge and support provided is to a very high standard. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Would I use them again ? definitely! Trevor and Colleen Melton, Victoria

Trevor Kay


Had my 1.5kw wind turbine installed last week and after all the issues of council permits the turbine is now installed and working beautifully. The professional team at AWS were great to deal with and came out three times in the initial tweaking of the system due to teathing issues. I was extremely grateful for Adam's help last Sunday in optimising the system and answered all my concerns. I look forward to our continued relationship and would definitely recommend them to anyone installing a turbine.

Mark Jaeger

1.5kw wind turbine install

Thanks very much, very impressed with the product and service we have received.


Off grid

Very happy to have found you Adam,System repaired and working properly after original installers failed to do things properly, and manufacturer would not supply parts. all sorted with out fuss and bother and installed new controller. Many thanks to Adam & Ian. Appreciate having a good working system -----working properly again.

Graham & Lindy Connell

wind and solar stand alone system, Kyneton Victoria

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